maandag 8 oktober 2012

Welcome on the 'Humans in nature' blog


This is a blog where you can read everything about our Comenius project "Humans in nature". It will be nice to read for students, their parents, teachers or everybody who's somehow involved or interested.

"Humans in nature" is about the local environment, national parcs or reserves and about how they have been influenced by humans. Besides students will study/learn how they can preserve their own environment for the future. One of the most important aims is that students take their own responsibilty, that they get more involved in human matters and that they can make a difference by being active.

Participating countries are Spain (coordinating country), Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands. Each country will work on the theme "Humans in nature" at their own school during classes. Students will be able to vist one of the participating countries and they will learn about the topic and about differences in culture by staying in a host family.

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